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About General Automotive - KBH

Superlative customer service our focus and core strength

Established in 2006, GA Bahrain operates through three well equipped Tyre Service Centers across the country, providing sales and service for the world's topmost brands of tyres and batteries. We are the sole distributors of Continental Tyres, Fulda Tyres, Sawa Tyres, Infinity Tyres, Eternity Tyres, General Tires, Hankook Batteries, Emtrac Plus Batteries, Infinity Batteries, Eternity Batteries and Eneos Motor Oil in Bahrain.

We believe the most effective way to win customers and gain a market advantage is by consistently providing cost effective products and prompt service - focused on the customer. Superlative and intuitive customer service is our topmost priority now, and always.

This is our core strength and this is what makes us one of the leaders in the tyres and batteries related productsand services industry in Bahrain today.

The company also deals with the trading of the products of Dobowi and other related brands.

General Automotive Services Co. Wll,
PO Box # 75036,
Shop # 148, Road 10, Sitra 606,
Kingdom of Bahrain.
Ph: 17735606
Fax: 17735607