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About General Industries

The company was set up in 2003, on 15,000 sq. meters of office cum factory area in Jubail Support Industries, Jubail, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It was established with state of the art technological facilities for manufacturing Technical Rubber / Polyurethane Products, Caterers for Anti-Corrosion and Protection from Corrosive Chemicals, Rubber Lining Services, and Conveyor Belt Services, Supply of Conveyor Belts, Components, Flexowell Belts, Mesto Spare Parts, Recoating of Rubber Rollers / Wheels. The brands that we deal in are also product leaders in the global market- Metso, Rima Tip Top, Semperit, Almex and Infinity.

Over the last decade, General Industries has earned a leadership position in the KSA market by the strength of the quality of our products and the service we provide to our customers. Our quality processes do not only apply to products and services but also our resources, since they are the backbone of our success. We have in place a continuous assessment process that ensures a culture of quality performance and service, constant training of employees at all levels and a continual re-absorption of best practices to provide consistent quality offerings.