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About General Fleet Services

As a part of General Retread (GR), General Fleet Solutions (GFS) was created in September 2011. Over the last three years, it has performed extremely well in its objective - toprovide focused service in tyre maintenance related to the service package of General Retread and General Automotive, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, catering to multiple brands pertaining to GA-KSA, GTA and GB.

Our Tyre Management Services (TMS) can be categorized into two types-



Collect the information from all the customers to feed into a software which will give the appropriate output of the condition of the vehicles of the customers. Those statistics are useful for the maintenance of their fleet vehicles.

• Basing on the report of the software in TMS1, we will provide   the following services to our customers.
• Supply new tyres.
• Retread the worn out tyres.
• Supply traded items.
• GFS also offers its services like Fleet Inspection, Wheel   Alignment and Rim Conditioning etc. to GA(KSA), GA(BH), GTA(KSA) and GR


GFS provides a progressive multi-level process to ensure that all the tyres in the fleets across KSA are in an optimized state- a fine balance between quality and maintenance costs. This sub-brand thus brings a huge amount of value to the services provided by GR and GA-KSA. With the complete and well rounded customer experience to truck fleets across KSA that GFS has been providing, today, we are in a comfortable position created by the deep trust our parent company places in us and the commendations of our completely satisfied clients.